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Traditional Qingming Festival

Traditional Qingming Festival

Apr 02, 2024

Qingming Festival 

Qingming holiday from April 3, 2024 to April 7, 2024still receive orders during the holiday, if the reply is not timely, after the end of the holiday will reply one after another! Thank you for your support, trust and understanding!

Qingming Festival has a long history and profound cultural connotation, it is an important part of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, showing China's rich cultural heritage and traditions passed down from generation to generation, is an important moment for people to remember and pay respects to their ancestors, usually held between April 4 and 6 every year.



During Qingming Festival, people do some activities. On top of that, families visit the graves of their ancestors, clean the graves, and offer food, drink, and other offerings. It is a way to show respect and gratitude to our ancestors. In addition, Qingming Festival is also a good time for spring outing. People will choose to walk, picnic or outing in the mountains to enjoy the beauty of spring and feel the vitality of nature.



Qingming Festival has its traditional food, Qingming Gao, which is a glutinous rice cake wrapped in sweet bean paste with green leaves.



Qingming Festival also has a very unique custom activity, that is, flying kites. This custom comes from the ancient superstition of warding off evil spirits. People will make kites of various shapes and fly them high into the sky, believing that kites can take away evil spirits and bring good luck to people.



In short, Qingming Festival is an important festival in Chinese traditional culture, not only to worship ancestors and recall the significance of history, but also to enjoy the spring and look forward to the future. At the same time, Qingming Festival also reminds people of the importance of protecting the environment and cherishing life, which is a unique cultural experience and heritage of values.


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